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Not so virgin anymore, but still single, looking for… As a 28-year-old tranny* pretty much everything that can laugh and has emotions. Everyone is allowed to send a message, even if it’s just a stupid flat joke that I can laugh at (I’m insanely susceptible to flat jokes). Identifying features are borderline, rainbow flag on green bag and a not so subtle smile when someone sweet passes me.

* Here’s a note about the word “tranny”: I grew up with drag culture and therefore like to call myself “tranny” to “claim” the word – for me alone it’s not a negative word, but also not a free pass. For the question of address, there is a simple rule: I see myself as a woman, so please call me with female pronouns – or just say “Eileen”. Thank you. When it comes to other trans*people: addressing the perceived gender is the only one to use. If someone introduces herself as a woman, the pronouns are feminine; if someone introduces themselves as a man, masculine; and for non-binary people, ask which fits best. However, the English “they/them” is generally well accepted. It’s really not difficult, People.

After you scanned:

I’m glad you found your way here. As of now, we are in a private environment that must not be influenced by the clinic. Thank you very much, dear Basic Law.
Let’s get to the point: open to everything can be interpreted differently by each person. What you mean by that is up to you, but I am open to pretty much any topic of conversation as long as it is not an overt message of hate. With that, also warm regards to the asshole who destroyed the beautiful Pride poster – for the second time.
No matter what you’re thinking about or what question you have, here are all your wonderful and with an internet flatrate “free” accessible ways of contact:
WhatsApp: 015773624808 or click here
Instagram: nkoffiziell or click here
Messenger: nickykerosene or click here
I am also happy to answer leftover questions, especially for those people who have had no contact with trans* people and may not have dared to ask me a question as I walked by. I am open to anything and take very little very seriously. So the chances are good.
PS: I’m quite capable of taking jokes and I can take one or two without a problem, you learn that in 28 years. But if it’s too hard here and the reading goes more in the direction of the penal code, then it’s over for me too.

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